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October 8, 2018
Your Subconscious Mind is the

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Book ReviewWe learn from everything and everyone around us, it´s up to us to spot an opportunity and learn from it.

People, usually, want a fast solution to not only their current problems, but to everything and, I can assure you, this book it´s exactly NOT that, or maybe it is. This book shows you how your mind works, how you can improve your life and live the life you want, if you dare.

We are taught and we come to believe, that the key to all our problems, whether social or financial, comes from the outside and therefore, we should look for a solution somewhere out there. But the truth is life does not happen to us, we happen to life.

Every physics teacher will tell you our world is made of energy, we are made of energy. Consciously or not we attract all that happens in our lives, good or bad.

How come?

Our thoughts lead our life and you have examples in your everyday life: when you wake up grumpy and have a bad day. That day is not bad, you simply focus on the bad things happening, you attach a feeling to them, so more of that comes to you. The same is true when you are happy. You meet only nice people, everything goes smoothly and you accomplish all you want. And even if things don´t go the way you want, you see the positive side of them and learn from it.

Those are not random occurrences, they come to you because you passed a thought and a feeling to your subconscious mind and your subconscious mind fulfills your orders. Simple as that!

Why This Book?

Because it´s time to understand and take responsibility for all that happens in your life. So often, we blame the government, the weather, the traffic, the boss, the colleagues, everybody else is at fault, but us.

Well, I´ve got news for you: everything that happens to you (good or bad) is the result of your past thoughts!

Yes, you brought those experiences into your life without knowing: when you complained about one thing or another, when you were envious on your colleague achievements, when you were happy for your friend. All those thoughts stayed in your subconscious mind, which understood you want that kind of experiences in your life, so it brought them to you.

When I started reading this book, I was surprised that all the examples the author mentions are from more than a half century ago. I didn´t understand it and started digging. I read about him and his life, while continuing reading the book.

It seems unbelievable that ever since it´s creation, the humanity was preoccupied by the human mind and how it works.

Dr. Joseph Murphy explains throughout the book how priests and clairvoyants of ancient times “played” with people´s subconscious mind producing the so-called “miracles”. And more important, he explains, how you can use your subconscious mind to achieve what you want and live the life you always dreamed of.

This is not a book about the law of attraction. This is a book where you learn how your mind works and how to put in practice what you learn to have everything you want. You learn how important sleep is for achieving what you want. You heard that before, right?!

But more importantly, you learn how to use your subconscious mind to remove mental blocks, to remove fear from your life, how to forgive and how to have harmonious relationships.

Nowadays, we come to realize how important is for us to be happy and live a happy life. We come to realize we want more free time to spend with our families and friends, less time spent commuting to work and at work. We came to realize life is too short and, if we are not careful, it slips through our hands.

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