Most Dangerous mental disorders

December 15, 2019
End Mental Health Stigmas

Sometimes in life you can encounter cases of mental disorders either amongst your family members or friends. Owing to the lack of understanding of the nature of illnesses and the probable cures, such people are treated with stigma and suspicion. There are people who will treat individuals suffering from mental conditions with a lot of harshness or inexplicable pity. It is hence important to have an understanding of the various types of dangerous mental disorders, how they manifest themselves and how to cope with such people.

Most Dangerous Mental Disorders


Most of the mental disorders might seem strange, but you can be sure that it does not get stranger than this. Individuals suffering from this disorder exhibit critical emotional breakdown and may not be able to recognize themselves. Most of them suppose that they are not actually living, but rather that life is a lengthy episode in a dream. Such patients seem to be obsessed with pulling off their hair regardless of whichever part of the body it is located. They acquire instant gratification from pulling off their hair and will not stop until they have removed huge portions of it.


This is amongst the most complicated and risky mental disorders. There are several forms of schizophrenia, but most of them are serious and require specialized intervention. Patients suffering from such complication exhibit a critical loss of touch with reality. They demonstrate very unusual tendencies and may not be able to function properly without constant attention. According to studies, some of these patients may have some moments of lucidity only to relapse into their condition after a few days. This is one of the most solemn of all mental disorders known to man. It is estimated that it currently afflicts close to one percent of all Americans and more than seventy percent of the entire population of patients diagnosed with mental conditions.

Depersonalization disorder

This is quite a strange mental disorder that most scientists are still trying to unearth. Patients suffering from this disorder have great difficulties relating with themselves. They tend to believe that they are not in the real world, and nothing that is happening around them is real. Due to such tendencies, such patients have great problems relating with other people as they still perceive such relations to be unreal. The most glaring characteristic of such patients is that they are aware of their illness, but do not have the conscious powers to reverse it.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

This is among the most common disorders, but it still remains the least understood. This is a condition that also marvels researchers, and it is even difficult to diagnose. To some people, obsessive compulsive disorder is just another obsession with water. The way it manifests itself is that most patients seem to have a fear of dirt and seem to worry that something will happen if they do not take a certain step. A patient becomes anxious because he or she has not cleaned her hands. That anxiety builds and can blow up until she cleans her hands. This is the only time she is able to relax. There are no known causes of OCD and hence no simple remedies to the complication. However, it is advisable to refer such patients to a specialist and a counselor.

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