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November 13, 2019
Behavioral Neuroscience

Experimental Psychology Graduate Student Handbook

Course Offerings

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More courses will be offered for the Ph.D. program. We will post the information as it becomes available.

Scope and Objectives

Doctoral training in Experimental Psychology provides students with an education and research training in core areas of psychological science (e.g., behavioral neuroscience, behavioral pharmacology, cognition, developmental psychology, learning, personality, sensation and perception, social psychology, research methodology, and statistics). Although each of these areas is not considered a separate degree program, our mentor model does allow for individualized courses of study. Students are encouraged to select a mentor/advisor working in the student's area of interest during their first semester of study. The advisor serves to guide the student's course selections, thesis, and dissertation. Students may also work with other faculty at the same time.

Students who complete the Ph.D. program may pursue academic or non-academic careers. To prepare for their future careers, students need to (i) have a solid foundation in basic areas of psychology (breadth of knowledge) and also (ii) develop an expertise in their research areas (depth of knowledge). Our program offers a wide variety of courses to help students accomplish their career goals.

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